The Family is permitted visitor to their dwelling unit for up to 14 Calendar Days per Year.

Voucher Size
Minimum # of people in Household
Maximum # of people in household

Cannot commit fraud, bribery, or any other corrupt or criminal act in connection with any Federal Housing Program. Cannot engage in any drug-related or violent criminal activity.

If your current housing does not meet the requirements, or if you want to move, it is your responsibility to locate a suitable unit. You must show that you are making reasonable efforts to find housing, and you need to let your Section 8 Coordinator how the search is progressing.

A Landlord Listing is available by request (and was included in your Voucher Briefing Packet) of property owners/managers who are or have participated in the Section 8 Program whom you can contact to see if they have any available units for rent.

The rent subsidy you are eligible for is based on your voucher size and income and the contract rent the owner is requesting. All three factors have an impact on your portion of the rent. If you have questions about what size voucher you qualify for, please see the "Subsidy Standards" under the Eligibility/Application" tab on the Home Screen.

Permit inspection of the dwelling unit at reasonable times after reasonable notice.  Failure to permit inspections after two attempts will result in removal from the program.

Leasing Up:

Guest Policy: 

Report any and all changes in family income and allowance within ten days of the occurrence.  The amount of the family’s required total tenant payment is subject to change by reason of changes to program rules and changes to family income, composition, and extent of exceptional medical or other unusual expenses.

Step Six:

The Section 8 Coordinator will contact the Owner to sign a HAP Contract.

You will have to sign a lease with the Owner and provide a copy to your Section8 Coordinator, also you will have papers to sign with the SHA.

The following are places to look when searching for new housing:

1) Newspapers

2) Schools/Post Offices

3) Community Bulletin Boards

4) Realtors

5) or other online sites

6) Friends, Family, Neighbors, etc.

The family must not be absent from the unit more than a maximum of 90 days per Year.

Finding Appropriate Housing When Issued a Voucher:

If you wish to stay where you are, please notify your Section 8 Coordinator. If the unit meets Housing Quality Standards and the owner will accept Section 8, it may be possible for you to receive assistance in your current unit.

Family Responsibilities:

Step Five:

The Section 8 Coordinator will provide perspective owners with the address/phone number of your current/prior landlord (if requested).

Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program:

The Housing Choice Voucher Program is a Federally Subsidized program through the Housing of Urban Development (HUD).

In this program, the tenant's portion is based on income and any difference over the Payment Standard the owner is charging. We determine 30% of your monthly adjusted income. From that figure we subtract our utility allowance for any utilities that you have to pay out of pocket. That calculated figure is the amount you, the tenant,  pay to the owner each month plus the overcharge the landlord may be asking.

Subsidy Standards:

Notify SHA in writing if any family member no longer lives in the unit.  Provide proof of current residence as instructed by your Housing Officer.

Notify SHA of any changes in family composition as soon as the change occurs.  SHA must be informed of the birth, adoption or court awarded custody of a child.

The Payment Standard (available by clicking the link at top of the page) is the maximum allowable gross rent the Housing Authority can pay up to on your behalf. Your subsidy is the difference between the Payment Standard and your 30% adjusted income.

Supply any information requested by SHA to verify that the family is living in the unit or information related to family absence from the unit.  The family must promptly (generally within ten 10 days) notify SHA in writing when the family is away from the unit for an extended period of time.

About the Program:

Somersworth Housing Authority

Use the subsidy-assisted unit as residence by the family only!  Only the household members on the subsidy are to live in the unit, allowing unauthorized person to live in the unit is a program violation.

When issued a Section 8 Voucher, the Voucher is validate for 120 days. During this time, you must either have your current housing approved OR locate other housing. No extensions will be issued, unless you require a reasonable accommodation.

 Step Two:

 Give the completed Request for Tenancy Form to your

 Section 8 Coordinator.

Please note that the Somersworth Housing Authority does not have any funding available for help with Security Deposits. You will be responsible to pay the full deposit.

Before someone moves into your home, follow these steps:

1) Contact your Housing Officer.
2) Contact the owner of the unit for written approval.
3) Provide the written statement to your Housing Officer at SHA.
4) Provide evidence of citizenship or eligible immigration status, Social Security documentation, income and expense information, and a police check (if an adult).

SHA will provide you with the appropriate forms.

If the new member is an adult, they must sign the statement of Family Responsibility and the lease.  By doing this, they are agreeing to follow all program rules and regulations.

 Step Four:

 An inspection of the unit will be scheduled. The Section 8 Coordinator will

 give the owner the inspector's number to set this up.

 The unit MUST pass an inspection before a contract will be executed.

Adding New Household Members:

Cannot sublease or assign lease or transfer the unit. Cannot own or have any interest in the dwelling unit.

Absence From Unit Policy:

Provide truthful, accurate, and complete records, information, and/or documentation determined to be necessary, including the following:  submission of Social Security numbers, citizenship information or eligible immigration status, and submissions required for annual or interim reexamination  of household and composition as requested including signed consent forms for obtaining information.

 Step One:

 Once the owner has agreed to rent to you, ask them to fill

 out the Request for Tenancy Form (link at top of the page).

 Step Three:

 The Section 8 Coordinator will discuss the program with 

 the Owner.

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Give at least thirty (30) days written notice to SHA and the owner of the family’s intent to move or terminate the lease.

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