Somersworth Housing Authority

Serving the Community since 1961 

Questions? Call us at 1-603-692-2864

It's easy to get around the City and the greater Tri-City area through COAST Public Transportation. COAST has scheduled bus routes that connect you to the shopping malls, hospitals and surrounding communities

Welcome to the Somersworth Housing Authority

Our Community

With Portland, Maine only an hour to the North and Boston, Massachusetts only an hour the South the City of Somersworth provides each access to friends and relatives.


Mission Statement:


"To provide persons of very low, low, and moderate income with decent, safe, and affordable housing both in project based and tenant based programs without discrimination; also to provide programs targeted at ending dependencey through education and employment to those individuals who are in need and/or want of new skills to improve their standard of life; and for those persons who are disabled and/or elderly to provide a living environment capable of dealing with their needs within their homes and community and not having to prematurely institutionalize individuals who can remain in their homes with assistance; and to the children of very low, low, and moderate income families to provide services aimed at early educations and literacy that will enable them to have an even start with their peers in order to compete on a level that will insure the breaking of the cycle of dependency.




Somersworth is a historic mill community which is conveniently located 15 minutes from the beaches, a half an hour from the Lakes Region and an hour to the White Mountains.